and Alpaca Farm

Wagon Master RV Park

​Join us daily for hand feedings!

OUR Alpaca ain't seen anything like this...

 You are more than welcome to interact with our beautiful Alpacas at any time when the sun is up. They will learn to recognize you, and may come to expect a treat when they see you comin'.  Their absolute favorite treat is the leaves off of the (many) Osage Orange trees (horse apples) in the park.  Grab a branch and they will come runnin'! Feeding time is open to all, we meet at the upper gate near the office door. Please let us know you would like to join us! Many of our folk join us each day for hand feeding.  We take the wagon if a camper has mobility issues.


Why do you have alpacas?

A favorite question of ours! These gorgeous animals will steal your heart. Campers come from far-n-wide just to be around them.  They are peaceful, curious creatures and watching them "pronk" in the fields at twilight is a sight to behold. They are an easy livestock to handle, have no odor, are good for the grass, can interact with folks of all ages, make no noise, and they are beautiful to watch. And as icing on the cake, Texas still allows an agricultural exemption for exotic animals.  So our dream of owning a herd of alpacas has turned out to be quite educational and enjoyable for all! Come see for yourself.


Our Herd

The girls: Emily, Kismat, Brenda's Mercy, Journey, Rosey, Mazie & Willa

The boys: Legend, Herdsire Runner

Our Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs)

Both of our LGD's are passive guardians, meaning, they are not aggressive towards people. They lay with the herd, getting up to occasionally check out our new "dog" visitors, and will let the camper dogs know of their presence. Since Alpacas are defenseless, the LGD's protect from stray dogs, coyotes and other predators. There nature is serious, but loving, and they love the humans who bring them scraps and bones! You'll be pleased to know, they have an air-conditioned dog house for HOT summer days (that they never use). No, they aren't spoiled!

Augustus McCray (Gus) is an Anatolian Shepherd.  He is mature, well trained, serious and amazing to watch.

Merida is a year old Komondor. She loves people and is still in training to be an LGD.